An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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When arranging a medical flight for a loved one in a compromised medical condition, consider the commercial stretcher service from Panchmukhi Air & Train services Pvt. Ltd. While this service is only allowed in limited circumstances by a small number of airlines, it can be appropriate for certain patients. It involves retrofitting a standard commercial plane with a stretcher, allowing a patient with serious medical needs to take a commercial flight to another destination. This service can be more cost-effective than a bed-to-bed private Air Ambulance service.

When Panchmukhi Ambulance services arranges your commercial stretcher medical flight, you’ll be spared the stresses of travel coordination and the complex logistics that come with this type of transfer. Through our commercial stretcher service, we’ll provide the patient with many facilities.

This service is encompasses worldwide transfers and is not restricted to flights to and from the Indian subcontinent. We have been repatriating patients on international flights with medical escorts Worldwide

Any person requiring any form of medical assistance for traveling may use this service. Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services have repatriated patients to and from all continents. Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services have done thousands of commercial plane repatriations. Our medical escort service helps to Disabled persons, Persons unable to tend for themselves during their flight back home due to their medical condition such as recovering from an illness.

Our Air Ambulance service is designed to take the stress of medical flight coordination completely off your hands. We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable flight coordinators standing by 24/7, ready to plan and oversee every detail of a patient’s medical transfer, including ground transportation in the departure and arrival cities, private aircraft transportation, and a personalized medical team. All members of our medical team have at least three to five years of ICU or CCU experience.

This service works out to be very economical for the right patient.

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